Resources Template letters

Supplier complaint: Stage 2

<Your Name>

<Your Address>

Email: <Your Email>

<Company Name>

<Company Address>


Type of supply: <Gas / Electric / Dual Fuel>

Account number: <Your Account Number>

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Complaint against <Company Name>

I wrote to you on <date of last letter> complaining about a massive increase in your estimate for the cost of my energy. In your response you claimed that the prices increases are as a result of the increase in the price of wholesale energy costs. You assured me that I am protected by the government Energy Price Guarantee and that this was keeping my bills down. This makes me even more worried as it suggests that when the EPG is removed in April next year my bills will go up even more.

As far as I am aware the Energy Price Guarantee means that you cannot charge more than a set price for gas and electricity. It does not however mean that you can’t charge less. Since 1st September I understand there has been a massive fall in the price of gas from 650p / Therm to less than 300p per therm and the trend is downwards. I am also unclear about why if half our energy comes from renewable sources you are still calculating your prices based solely on the cost of gas.

As far as I am aware it should not cost any more to extract gas and generate electricity this year than it did last year so the pricing structure appears to be unrelated to the actual costs of energy provision. This means that as a large supplier you should be able to offer your energy at a must cheaper rate than you are currently.

Please can you provide the basis on which you are calculating the rates you use to apply these charges as I believe you are taking advantage of the situation and prioritising significant increases in profit margins over the welfare of me and your other customers.

Please reply in writing within 10 working days. If you fail to respond in this time, I will consider taking the matter further.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

<Your Name>