Organiser Guidebook

Welcome to the Don’t Pay Organising Guidebook!

If we build our numbers together we will win a reduction in our energy bills to an affordable level. But it’s going to take all of us to win it.

By signing up as an organiser you’re taking us one step closer to lower bills for all.

If you are signing people up to the ‘Don’t Pay’ pledge for December you are part of ‘Don’t Pay. You can do this however you like. You can do this as an individual, a group of friends or as a more organised local group. You can also use whatever methods you think are best to do this. You know your friends, neighbours, colleagues and community best so you know what will work.

This document is a guide and we hope it will help you organise in your community if you want more ideas and tips on getting going. It includes an overview of the plan, key dates and strategy, tips on how to organise in your community and frequently asked questions for conversations you’re having about going on strike.