Organiser Guidebook

This organiser handbook is a resource for any that wants to organise in their area for Don't Pay UK.


Print your own leaflets and posters

Designs for leaflets, flyers, stickers and posters to print out yourself or take to a commercial printers.


Postering & Stickering Guide

Outreach is a key part of our strategy. This movement will only succeed if we get masses of people to pledge and organise with us. We need to let people know there is a solution, that we’re taking collective action to fight the energy bills crisis, and they can too.


How to run a community stall

Running a stall is a really easy way to meet others where you live and get them on board with Don't Pay. All you need is one or two other people, some leaflets and info, and a table.

Don’t Pay is a fast growing movement, and to reach a critical mass of people we need to have a lot of conversations!

Banner Drop Guide

A banner drop is when a banner is hung in a public space to bring awareness to a campaign or a social issue. Banner drops allow a small group of people to bring a large amount of public exposure to an issue.

Don’t Pay banner drops will let more people know about the campaign, encouraging them to join and take action.


Press Release Guide

A press release is a tried and tested way to get a news story in front of journalists in the clearest, quickest and most usable way.

If you’re planning an event or protest in your local area, a press release can boost news coverage, which generates interest and exposure for the campaign.

Debt training session

On 3 August, Don't Pay hosted a debt advice session for people organising and participating in the strike. The information in this podcast applies to England and Wales - please seek out other advice if you are based outside of these regions.


Planning a Don't Pay Protest

Protests are a great way to galvanise energy around the campaign, raise awareness, and bring new people on board.


Bill Burning Guide

Don’t Pay has called a Day of Action on October 1st. Bill Burning will be the media-grabbing centrepiece of the day - demonstrating the anger and resolve of people to resist unaffordable energy bills.


Warm Ups

Warm Ups are a tactic that have been used successfully by Fuel Poverty Action (FPA) to highlight fuel poverty and bring about change, and involve visibly occupying a space to keep warm. Here is a guide on how you can organise a Warm-Up in your area.