Scare an energy company – join Don't Pay today

The UK’s biggest energy supplier warned the government of the “existential” threat of our strike. It’s evidence of just how powerful the Don’t Pay campaign is becoming.

We’ve never been about just asking nicely the way we end the energy bills crisis is by building leverage, a threat they can’t ignore.

Saturday 15 October 2022

"Can’t pay or won’t pay, this is existential for the sector"

We now have hard proof our strategy is working.

E.ON lobbied ex-Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, demanding a government response to the "existential" threat coordinated mass non-payment poses to the energy sector. In the slide shown above, they share a screenshot from the website with the question: "What is Government & industry response?". They also asked for for tax breaks and even weaker regulation, despite forecasting £3.9 billion in global pre-tax earnings for 2022.

This revelation, reported recently by openDemocracy, proves our campaign struck fear into the heart of the biggest energy supplier and forced the government to commit billions to reduce the planned 1 October bill hike.

But make no mistake: it’s nowhere near enough – energy bills are double what they were this time last year. And we’re up against a multi-billion pound industry that is run by some of the most corrupt and influential people in the world.

The UK energy sector is a deadly scam that makes billions in profit while thousands of us freeze in our homes every winter because we are unable to afford to put the heating on. It’s a sickening reality that’s only getting worse, and energy companies won’t stop unless we make them.

So we must keep going, keep building the strike – which we now know is our strongest leverage – and strike together. 200,000 of us have joined so far.

Pledge to strike today.