Let’s take our power back. 1 December, we strike.

An unelected multi-millionaire has been installed in 10 Downing Street. The government has already made a u-turn on the “Energy Price Guarantee”, and we face another energy bills price hike in April 2023. It’ll be a cold miserable winter for millions – unless we take decisive action together.

So we’re striking on 1 December 2022.

Wednesday 26 October 2022

We’re facing a social catastrophe this winter, and we have no option other than to act. Energy companies are set to rake in £170 billion in profit in the next two years, while we’re all paying 96% more for our energy bills than we did last winter. 2 million of us already can’t pay and more than 7 million are struggling to keep up.

Because the government is refusing to act in our interests, it means thousands of people will freeze in their homes and millions more will be pushed into debt. If that wasn’t bad enough, we get another impossible price rise in April 2023 – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’ve already shown our strength once.

According to polling, more than 3 million of us were ready to strike on 1 October – before we forced Liz Truss to announce the short-lived Energy Price Guarantee. E.ON, the UK’s largest energy supplier, even went running scared to the government to warn about the Don’t Pay campaign, claiming we were an ‘existential threat’ to the energy sector. Now, let’s make that threat a reality.

But it’s up to all of us to make the strike happen.

Don’t Pay is a grassroots campaign, run completely by people volunteering their time. We’re what the government and energy companies fear most: not an NGO, not a political party, just ordinary people saying enough is enough.

Through the Don’t Pay General Assembly, our decision-making body consisting of representatives from regional and local groups, we’ve set a date for the strike:

1 December. We won’t pay for their profits and their greed anymore.

We all need to get out there in our communities to build the strike. We need to link up those who can’t pay with those who won’t pay – and strike together to #TakeBackPower from the unelected politicians and profiteering energy companies.

Link up with others in your community and help spread the strike: