1 October Day of Action

Our already record-high energy bills are rising yet again and will continue to be unaffordable for millions of us. Under Truss's 'energy price guarantee', the average bill will rise to £2,500 per year — 96% higher than last winter.

We need to keep up the pressure.

Don't Pay is calling for a national day of action on Saturday 1st October - let's get out on the streets in our communities and keep building the strike!

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Don't Pay, alongside other groups, is calling a national day of action on Saturday 1st October to demand an end to this cost of greed crisis.

It's up to all of us across the country to get as many people out on the streets as possible.

Local Don't Pay groups across the country will be putting on events and actions in the build up to, and on 1st October itself. This could be community stalls in your town centre, banner drops, demonstrations, a 'bill burning' or whatever else you can come up with.

You don't need permission to put on an event - feel free to go ahead and make things happen!

Here's a few things to get you started:

  1. Check out the resources section of the Don't Pay website for guides on everything from running a community stall to doing a banner drop and writing a press release. Some may also be interested in holding a 'bill burning'!
  2. Speak to other local activists, local groups and link up with other campaigns organising events for 1st October. And if you haven't linked up with your local Don't Pay group yet, all you have to do is share the first part of your postcode and your phone number to be put in touch!
  3. Send an email to actions@dontpay.uk or post what your local group is planning in our Day of Action Facebook event page for help promoting it!

And remember, Don't Pay is a grassroots movement demanding a fair price for energy for everyone. We’re building our leverage and pressure on the government through a mass energy bills non-payment campaign — which we’ll only call once 1 million pledge to strike.

By pledging to strike, together we're showing the government we refuse to pay extortionately high energy bills and refuse to uphold a broken system that lets thousands freeze while energy companies make billions in profits.

We've now forced the government to step in ahead to avert the catastrophic 80% price hike on 1 October. Yet our bills will still have doubled, millions will still be unable to pay and our taxes will bankroll £170,000,000,000 in excess profits for energy companies. We need to keep organising in our local communities and signing up people to pledge to strike. Together, we'll make sure no one goes cold or hungry this winter.

See you on the streets on 1st October!