"Can't pay? We'll take your heating away"

We know energy suppliers’ plan this winter: wash their hands of anyone who can’t pay.

Our energy bills have doubled, and millions of us simply can’t pay. Despite making record profits, there’s no fair plan to address the problem – instead energy suppliers are switching hundreds of thousands of us to prepayment. If you can’t top-up, you get cut off.

These exploitative, morally-bankrupt companies only care if you can pay the extortionate prices they charge. If you can’t, they’ll leave you to freeze.

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Heading into autumn, more than 2 million were already in debt to our energy suppliers. After prices were hiked yet again in October, 7 million of us are now struggling to keep up with our extortionate bills.

Almost half a million households are set to be forced onto prepayment by the end of the year, including 180,000 households with smart meters which can be switched remotely.

Make no mistake: whether it's forced entry through a court warrant to fit a prepayment meter or switched remotely, it’s breaking and entering. These companies are coming into our homes and saying ‘can’t pay? we’re taking your heating away’.

The stakes are too high for us to do nothing. Thousands will freeze in cold homes, cut off from supply, this winter while energy companies, Ofgem and the government stand by. We have to demand an end to all enforcement of punitive prepayment – and make sure no one goes cold this winter.

We have to act before it’s too late.

Join the strike today and demand an end to all enforcement of pre-payment meters.