Bills are rising, and so are we

From Aberdeen to Exeter more than 20 Don’t Pay local groups took to the streets today for a Day of Action, burning our bills in protest as energy prices rose once again.

Today’s Don't Pay National Day of Action marks the beginning of a new phase for our grassroots campaign.

Saturday 1 October 2022

The rapid spread of the Don’t Pay campaign in the last 3 months has shown the widespread support for a radically transformed energy sector and an end to the profiteering that is fuelling the cost of living crisis. The threat of nearly 200,000 of us pledging to join a coordinated non-payment strike left the government with no option other than to reduce the planned 1 October price rise.

But the government is abandoning millions of us to a cold winter. In response dozens of local Don’t Pay groups are organising to build the strike across the country, to defend our communities and keep our neighbours warm.

Today's energy price hike means millions more people simply won’t be able to keep their heads above water. Almost 7 million households are expected to fall into fuel poverty – all while energy companies are set to make £170 billion in profits and the government pushes ahead with tax cuts for the rich.

But, what comes next?

As the colder weather sets in, energy companies keep profiting, and the government ploughs on with tax cuts for the rich, the calls for mass non-payment will only get louder – the Don’t Pay strike will continue to grow and we will reach the 1 million threshold.

Together, we’ll ensure no one goes cold this winter – which means reversing the price cap back to pre-April 2021 rates, ending enforcement of pre-payment meters and bringing in an emergency social tariff to make sure everyone can keep the heating on this winter.

There are 400 local groups organising in their communities to face this winter, join us today to take action. Pledge to strike and sign up as an organiser now!

London bill burning

Don't Pay London bill burning

Leeds Don't Pay outside British Gas offices

Keep warm this winter. Make trouble. Don't Pay Leeds.

Bill burning in Bradford.

Bill burning. Don't Pay Bradford.

Don't Pay. Freeze profit, not people banner in Brighton

Freeze profit, not people. Don't Pay Brighton.

Don't Pay banner.

Don't Pay Bristol drop-in.

Don't Pay banner on a bridge in Exeter.

Banner drop. Don't Pay Exeter.

Burning bills in Birmingham.

Burn your bills. Don't Pay Birmingham.

Don't Pay Manchester stall.

Stall at Don't Pay Manchester of action.

Don't Pay in Aberdeen.

Don't Pay in Aberdeen.

Burning bills in Lewisham.

Don't Pay Lewisham burning their bills.

Don't Pay Hastings burning bills

Don't Pay Hastings burning bills.