Another energy price hike in April – if we strike now we can stop it

The new Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt is planning to push through another massive price hike in April 2023. He’ll do it even though millions of us already can’t pay our energy bills.

We simply can’t keep paying to prop up the billion pound profits of the fossil fuel giants, letting them squeeze us for every last penny. We can’t wait for a general election in two years, and just keep hoping these unelected millionaires have a change of heart.

We can’t go on like this. The crisis is here, now.

Thursday 17 November 2022

The government has confirmed our energy bills will rise yet again.

The average household will have to find £3,000 a year for gas and electricity from 1 April 2023 – a 43% hike on current prices. While some households on very low incomes will get additional support, it’ll be too little, way too late. And everyone else won't get another penny in support.

We’re approaching winter and our energy bills are already double what they were last year. 2 million households couldn’t afford and stopped paying their bills before prices last went up in October 2022. 7 million of us are desperately trying to find the money to pay for bills, petrol, food and everything else we need.

Another price hike on energy bills in April is impossible, because it’s impossible now: millions of people are already not paying.

Meanwhile fossil fuel companies are making a killing. BP and Shell made £15 billion profit in just the last three months, British Gas handed £250 million to shareholders and SSE have just seen their profits triple.

Those who can’t pay are being forced onto prepayment meters at record rates – almost half a million by the end of the year – and left to freeze if they can’t top-up. The Don’t Pay campaign is demanding an end to all enforcement of prepayment meters.

Can’t pay, won’t pay – it’s time for us to act. Together we can take back power.

The Don’t Pay strategy is simple, and it's worked before: from 1 December 2022, we will collectively stop paying our energy bills until the government intervenes and guarantees affordable prices for all. Local Don’t Pay groups are already building community power across the country, keeping each other safe and supporting our neighbours as we resist together.

If we want real change and an end to the profiteering and greed fuelling the cost of living crisis, it’s time for the people to #TakeBackPower.

Add your name to the pledge today and join the hundreds of thousands committed to fighting back, together.