Saturday 1 October 2022

Bills are rising, and so are we

From Aberdeen to Exeter more than 20 Don’t Pay local groups took to the streets today for a Day of Action, burning our bills in protest as energy prices rose once again.

Today’s Don't Pay National Day of Action marks the beginning of a new phase for our grassroots campaign.

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Saturday 24 September 2022

We strike when there are 1 million of us

On our own we’re isolated but, together with a million others, we’re unstoppable.

We've now proven the strength of the Don’t Pay campaign. After 180,000 of us pledged to strike, the government was forced to reduce the catastrophic energy price hike scheduled for 1st October. The threat of all of us saying we won’t pay left the government with no other option.

This is why we’ll keep going and strike when we hit 1 million pledges.

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Friday 23 September 2022

1 October Day of Action - find your nearest event

Everyone can help make this Day of Action a powerful moment in our campaign – it's about being visible in the communities we live in.

Find out about your local Don't Pay event, get out on the streets and tell the government we won't pay for their profits!

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Wednesday 21 September 2022

We’re paying the price for their profits

Liz Truss’s “energy price guarantee” is a scam.

Millions of us still won’t be able to pay – while energy companies get their profits guaranteed.

We’re paying the price: it’ll cost us 96% more to keep our homes warm this winter and energy companies will make £170 billion in excess profits. It’s a crisis of greed and we’re left to pick up the tab.

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Wednesday 14 September 2022

1 October Day of Action

Our already record-high energy bills are rising yet again and will continue to be unaffordable for millions of us. Under Truss's 'energy price guarantee', the average bill will rise to £2,500 per year — 96% higher than last winter.

We need to keep up the pressure.

Don't Pay is calling for a national day of action on Saturday 1st October - let's get out on the streets in our communities and keep building the strike!

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Wednesday 7 September 2022

It’s working.

There's clear and overwhelming public support in this country for a radically transformed energy industry that works for people and the planet, not just a system to generate profits and make the already rich even wealthier.

We have to keep pushing the strike to reverse the price hikes and end the profiteering.

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Wednesday 31 August 2022

A bait and switch, and we're picking up the bill again

It's been almost six months since the government announced the Energy Bills Support Scheme. Previously they had offered an insulting £200 loan to cover the expected increase in energy bills, and this scheme raised it to a still-insulting £400 which wouldn't have to be repaid. This would be spread over six months, a mere £66 each month. Now it's clear that even this joke solution is just another scheme to force us to keep paying our unaffordable bills.

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Tuesday 30 August 2022

Day of Action 1: No one cold or hungry this winter

As Ofgem hiked the energy price cap by a massive 80% on Friday, Don’t Pay groups across the country came together with a clear message: no one cold or hungry this winter!

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Wednesday 17 August 2022

It's Not Clever to be Smart

As we approach limits on our energy, our food and our water due to under-investment, profiteering and short-term planning, the concept of smart technology is being increasingly sold to the public as an answer to these problems.

The solution cannot be found in more corporate monitoring, control and profiteering but instead the answer is to take back control of our resources from the private corporations, invest in them properly and run these public resources for the common good.

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