Why an energy bills strike?

We have no other option. We’re facing a catastrophe on an unimaginable scale this winter.

It’s life or death

Tens of thousands will freeze to death this winter because they can’t afford to keep their homes warm. Millions will be forced to choose between heating and eating.

It’s a political choice. Every winter, the government, the market regulator Ofgem, and energy companies already let thousands of people freeze because they can’t afford to top up their meters. Even with energy companies currently posting record, multi-billion pound profits, shareholder payouts and making ever more money comes first.

So, we’ll strike because we cannot take this any longer. We cannot survive in a system that works like this. We’ll strike to support each other: both those who simply can’t pay and those who won’t pay. We’ll strike to break this system that stands by while people rack up debt or freeze in their homes.

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