When we strike

We'll strike when we reach 1 million pledges.

Together we'll enforce a fair price. When a million people are on board, we'll cancel our direct debits, withhold payments and the strike will begin. It's a last resort but, by striking together, we'll make it impossible for the government and energy companies to ignore us.

There are similiarities to the successful opposition to the Poll Tax. 17 million people refused to pay, and supported and defended each other in their communities to make it impossible to enforce. Like the Poll Tax, energy price rises affect us all. Today, more than 25 million households pay for gas and electricity and every single person feels the impact of prices having doubled in just twelve months.

The strike was initially called in opposition to the planned 80% rise to the energy price cap on 1st October. The government has since been forced to step in, announcing a new 'energy price guarantee' to reduce this rise to 27%. It's still a huge price hike on already record-high energy bills. We'll be paying 96% more to heat our homes this winter than we did the las

This crisis is far from over - so we'll keep building this strike beyond 1st October.

The aim isn’t to strike for the sake of it. By building overwhelming strength by acting together in our millions, we will make it clear the government must act to make energy affordable for all. If they don’t, we’ll be ready to strike and force them to do it.

Who can strike?

Everyone can support this. You can start spreading the word with friends, family and neighbours, link up with your local Don’t Pay group, and pledge to withhold payment with at least a million others.

If you’re on a pre-payment meter, we know you won’t be able to withhold payment without your supply being cut off. You can still sign up and help in your community - we’re all fighting for affordable energy for all. This also means a future where no-one is on an expensive pre-payment meter against their will.