What we're striking for

Don't Pay is a grassroots movement demanding a fair price for energy for everyone. This is what we're striking for:


Reverse the energy price cap to its pre-April 2021 level

The energy price cap at 2021 levels was unaffordable for millions already, but this demand is to respond to the immediate emergency. We have demands to bring prices down further and on a sustainable basis.


End all enforcement of pre-payment meters

Pre-payment meters mean the poorest in society pay the most for their energy and are automatically cut off if they cannot afford it. This simply cannot continue and these devices and the higher tariff paid by the poorest must be abolished. For those who want to keep pre-payment meters for budgeting reasons, these remaining meters should be on the cheapest not the most expensive tariff.


No-one cold this winter

An emergency social energy tariff is essential to prevent people dying from cold this winter. It shouldn't cost the same price to heat up a tin of beans as it does to heat up your swimming pool.

Emergency price banding for energy this winter will mean ordinary working class people will pay less per unit for their energy. Similar to the tax system, the richer you are the more you pay.

We also demand that cheaper energy bands are implemented for community assets like pubs, religious buildings, schools and community centres. We cannot allow the energy crisis to tear out the heart of our communities this winter.

How will this be paid for?

This crisis is a profit-price spiral caused by wholesale gas and oil producers. There should be no more public subsidies for profiteering. Gas and oil companies should pay for this crisis in its entirety via their record profits.

How do we achieve a permanent solution to the energy crisis? A 'Fair Price for Power'

These demands are to respond to the emergency we are in. However, we need a permanent solution.

The previous price cap was already unaffordable for many, for example, so we need to transform the energy sector to permanently make energy affordable.

We need a 'Fair Price for Power' for all.